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Benjamin Weil

Extension Assistant Professor, Environmental Conservation

May 2017 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

I am looking forward to the Innovate@ Symposium in order to develop more activities, tools and strategies to help students engage with my two large (230+) courses. I already use group projects, iClicker interactions, and breakout discussions, but I would like to increase the opportunities for students to work directly with the concepts from class in the real world. I also hope to develop more experiential approaches to the material.

One area of particular interest is ways to make homework more interactive and provide immediate feedback (with less work required from me or TAs). Right now both classes are strongly bimodal, with some students doing very well and being strongly engaged and others feeling completely lost and disconnected from the material. I would like to discover other pedagogies that can bring up the less engaged students to approach the level of the top 20% without dragging down the high performers.