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Brokk Toggerson

Lecturer, Physics

Fall 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellow Project & Instructional Interests

My interests are active learning research-based pedagogy including application to lower and upper division physics courses. Effective creation of student teams to maximize learning. Understanding how students approach problem solving in physics. Increasing diversity in physics.

My innovation is using social media tools such as twitter to provide an additional way for students to engage with large lecture classes.

I am currently focused on three different courses, each of which has a different environment, and therefore requires different tools:

* Physics 131 – Introductory physics for life-sciences I: This course is taught in a team-based learning style using one of the fabulous TBL rooms at UMass. For this particular course, I am looking at how to make free- and open-resources easily navigable by my students. I am currently piloting  a custom UMass Edition of the OpenStax Textbook that integrates other research-based resources as well as video content specifically developed for this class and hosted on our course YouTube page.

* Physics 132 – Introductory Physics for Life-Science II: This course is still being taught in a large lecture hall. However, I am looking at ways to use technology to teach this course in a team-based learning format in spite of the environment.

* Physics 691G – Graduate Student Professional Development and TA Training: In this 1-credit seminar, I am helping graduate students develop skills critical for their professional development and TA duties. An important aspect of this course is introducing our TAs to a host of technological tools.

More information on the projects can be seen at our group website http://physedgroup.umasscreate.net/ or my personal site http://brokk.toggerson.com