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Carolina Aragón

Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture

May 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

I am interested in implementing technology in the classroom in ways that encourages individual thought, creativity, and exploration. In my Visual Communication course, I plan on harnessing the playful nature of technology to encourage students to develop and improve skills related to observation, composition, color, and data visualization. Digital technology will be used to create, share, and evaluate work in class, creating a positive feedback loop between understanding design principles and their implementation.

High Tide is a temporary art installation by Carolina on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in Boston, MA.

This kinetic installation, inspired by the marsh landscape, speaks of Boston’s fluctuating boundary between land and water –it’s history of land reclamation and potential flooding due to sea level rise.

Carolina was also showcased in the National Park Service service video—“The Artist’s Experience” highlighting the experience of artists who have worked in the National Parks. (Carolina was artist-in-residence for the New England Trail, National Park Service in 2014). This video is part of a series “100 Years of Arts in the Parks.” designed for the the 100 year celebration of the National Parks.