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Carey Dimmitt

Professor, Education

May 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

My challenge involved a large (300 student) class that is cross-listed for Education and Psychology, where students educated in each discipline have unique knowledge and strengths, as well as specific gaps in experience or prior learning. To address this, I now plan a) to develop short videos on key topics using Thinglink and b) to extend the classroom through the use of Zoom video conferencing with people currently working in schools as teachers or counselors. I am using Zoom, which is live action, vs. videos because I want students to be able to ask the professionals in schools questions based on what they are hearing about and observing in the moment. In addition, we are now planning to use Zoom during our annual Evidence-Based School Counseling Conference to reach practitioners not able to be on site in San Diego.