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Claire Hamilton

Associate Professor, Teacher Education & Curriculum Studies

June 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

My goals are to encourage more peer collaboration, incorporate open education resources and move towards a more student centered grading approach in two of my general education courses. In one of my courses, Controversial Issues in Education I will be using a modified TBL model and as a final project student teams will design a website around one of the educational policy issues we will address. In the second class, Child Development, I have been using a standard text book and would like to move towards more open education resources. As I adopt more diverse materials for this course, in fall as supplemental readings I am going to experiment with perusal as a way to support stuent engagement in the reading material. In both classes I would like to encourage students to take a more active role in monitoring their learning and so will incorporate a contract grading approach. The innovate symposium has been helpful in sparking ideas and in giving me some useful tools (Perusall, Tableau and Wix/WordPress) to support my goals.