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Connecting Students to Co-Curriculars: Pathways through the Campus Information Ecosystem

(EDUCAUSE Review,  Julie Crowley, Abigail Evans, Janice Fournier, Taryn Pedigo, William Washington, Heidi Stahl, February 27, 2017)

If a student wants to find out about a group or club that supports their interests, where do they look? If group administrator is trying to get the word out, is it best to use email, social media, text messages, or sandwich boards?

If the goal is to create a student-centered learning ecosystem, what tools and communication strategies will help students weave what they do in the classroom with their co-curricular interests and their plans for post-graduation? In this report from the University of Washington, the authors looked at the ways that students received information about the opportunities available to them on campus and compared this to the ways administrators communicated this information.  

Key findings from this report include not only the different ways students seek information about co-curriculars, but also the way that a student’s approach to co-curricular activities changes depending on where they are on their path through college. Knowing more about general student behaviors, and having access to data about specific student interests will be essential to creating an ecosystem that makes the opportunities on campus clear and available to all.

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