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Elizabeth Schmidt

Professor of Practice, School of Public Policy

June 2017 Innovation Fellow

Fellow Project & Instructional Interests

As a professor who asks students to come up with innovative solutions to complex social issues, I hope to find ways to encourage student innovation and to model it myself.

I expect the tools shared in this symposium will engage students, encourage active learning, and spark creativity. These tools can also help the students explain their innovations to others. For example, Piktochart should help them understand and explain the problems they are addressing. Post-Its and Google Apps are the collaboration tools they can use to brainstorm and develop their solutions.

It is often difficult for the students to describe their ideas with sufficient specificity, and Spark Page and Instagram are ways they can visualize their clients/customers and the actual nonprofit or social enterprise they are trying to create. On my part, I can use Post-Its and iClicker to determine what the students have learned, what they found interesting, and what remains confusing. This process will allow me to model the process of customer/client engagement that I encourage as part of the social innovation process. I hope it will also make for a better learning experience for all of us.