Eric Poehler

Associate Professor, Classics

Fall 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

Technology has gotten in the way of my classroom technology. That is, some of the assignments and activities I use require students to learn something of programs and techniques that built those assignments and activities in order to complete them. My challenge, and therefore my innovation, is to reduce the barrier to entry that such learning of technology requires so that the content and critical thinking can be foregrounded. I believe that a solution can be found in creating short, instructional videos – YouTube-style tutorials – that efficiently communicate how the technology works and how I intend students to use that technology for a particular assignment. For the student, video offers not only a chance to see and hear these instructions, but also to pause, repeat, and even click on embedded links to additional help and support.

Interests: Greek and Roman Archaeology, Roman urbanism and architectural history, infrastructure, archaeological theory and method, use of technology in archaeological research.

Why Innovate?