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Evan Goodchild

Instructor, UWW

June 2017 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

The 2017 Innovate@ Symposium has reenergized me to implement fresh technology in the classroom to promote community-building and learning. Teaching alongside documentary filmmaker Larry Hott, our Digital Narratives UWW course, Digital Narratives, tasks our students with making a short documentary film over the course of a semester. Some of our students have never touched editing software or taken on a creative project of this magnitude in their lives before this course, so we have been searching for ways to facilitate an optimal learning culture.

The Innovate@ Symposium wasted no time in thrusting us into new worlds of applications and technologies and I aim to replicate that energy in teaching our course. Moving forward, I will be introducing students and engaging them with new technologies early and consistently throughout the course, as opposed to focusing on editing in the second half of the course as I have been doing. I will be presenting applications and then issuing highly doable challenges on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Some of the applications that I think will be natural fits for filmmaking: introducing the power of animation via PowToon, the elegance and potential of the web-based timeline software Tiki-Toki, and the user friendly Piktochart. My hope is that this will not only provide them with more tools as filmmakers and storytellers, but spark their creativity through playfulness and experimentation.

I will also be testing out the implementation of Flipgrid as a way to quickly post and aggregate video responses from students, as it will keep them engaged with the camera and the video-production creative mindset. It is an exciting time to be able to use so much wonderful and free digital applications to teach digital media.