Innovate@ Symposia

Innovate@ collaborative symposia are open to all full-time UMass Amherst faculty. Innovate@ Symposia put cutting-edge instructional technologies into the hands of the academic community in a series of focused workshop sessions. As we move towards innovations and new ways to keep students engaged in the classroom, these Symposia provide a unique opportunity to have hands-on instruction, to work with colleagues, and then try out the new tools. Symposia participants will also become part of an innovation think-tank as Innovation Fellows and are brought together to consider instructional innovations throughout the academic year.

Symposia is focus on the faculty experience, and include UMass Faculty Innovation Fellows as presenters alongside leaders from CTL, UMass Libraries and UMass IT. Planned topics include new ways to structure student collaboration and teamwork, techniques and tools for assigning media and digital content creation projects, increasing student engagement and providing new ways to deliver course materials. Symposia also give faculty previews of new technologies being piloted on campus.

For upcoming symposium dates and a links to the application form, visit Instructional Innovation Events.

How it Works

  • Attend an Innovate@ Symposium.
  • Implement one tool from the symposium into a course within the next two academic years.
  • Participate along with students in an assessment of the efficacy of this tool.
  • Serve as a member of a new instructional innovation think tank (meeting 1-2 times throughout the year).
  • Attend an event on campus in the spring to discuss the impact of the tools and lessons learned.


We are interested in bringing together a broad range of faculty who have different experience levels. These symposia are particularly suitable for faculty who are trying to solve a particular problem in their course (student engagement, retention, personalization, visualization of data). All levels of technical experience are welcome. Space is limited in each session to 15.

For upcoming symposium dates and a links to the application form, visit Instructional Innovation Events.


A stipend of $500 will be transferred to the participant’s home department for use by the faculty member.

More Details About the Innovate@ Symposia

Meet the Innovation Fellows  – includes reports and videos by the fellows on their projects.

Questions about the symposia should be directed to Olga Kyle, Special Projects and Video Coordinator, UMasss IT (