James Kelly

Humanities Research Services Librarian

May 2017 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

As a person whose first experience with computers involved taking a multiple choice quiz on The Faerie Queene using a keyboard and monitor connected to a mainframe computer in 1968, I’ve been doing my level best to at least stay in technological sight of the students with whom I come in contact. While not inclined to attempt too much in the early going, I hope to come away from my Innovate@Symposium with a deeper knowledge of Moodle’s potential and the incorporation of videos in my Commonwealth Honors College course on the “History of the Book and Printing.” I would also like to engage the students in group work targeted at the production of virtual exhibits such as the one done at the American Antiquarian Society in 2010 entitled  “A Place of Reading: Three Centuries of Reading in America.”