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Jennifer Merton

Senior Lecturer and Law Faculty Coordinator

Fall 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellow Project & Instructional Interests

The primary problem that I was thinking about when beginning the Innovation Fellows Symposia was student engagement in the classroom.  I also had been thinking about how to enhance the sense of the classroom as a respectful and inclusive community of learners.  The innovation that I have already implemented is the use of the Post It App for my Constitutional Law Introduction.  This enables me to get responses from students that are not influenced by other student responses, it reduces or eliminates the worries associated with speaking in class, it allows students to get to know each other just a bit, and it gets students to move during class and to relate information spatially.  The features of the Post It App also allows for easy sharing of the resulting Post It word cloud on the board, with the opportunity for future manipulation of the data developed in class.  I also intend to use Google Drive and/or Box to share case research which we develop collectively and to solicit additional research efforts from the group.  The Perusal program would be useful to get students to comment on particular cases or other readings and I see a use for this in the future.  I also think the Tiki-Toki site could be incorporated into the case research that students engage in, allowing them to create a timeline for the case.  Thinglink would be useful in providing information about various law related topics in novel and interesting ways (for example, students could annotate a picture of a courtroom with information about civil procedure.  Perhaps most importantly, I intend to continue to see what new technologies are available and try to continue to integrate these new innovations into my teaching.