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Instructional Innovation: Joshua Michal

Assistant Professor, French Horn, Music

May 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

A challenge I face as a professor in the music field is assessing improvement in my students over a long period of time. Students are expected to make progress on their instrument throughout their degree, but this is really a life long journey and it can be a frustratingly slow process at times. My goal, using the technological tools I learned as a fellow at the Innovate@Sympsium, is to use VoiceThread to document the progress of my students over the course of a semester. Students will submit a short VoiceThread performance of the material they are working on, along with a statement of their challenges and goals for that week. These videos will provide an excellent opportunity for self-reflection, peer review, and instructor feedback, as well as create documented evidence of learning over the course of the semester.

As a secondary project, I am hoping to revamp a student presentation assignment in my weekly studio class. Previously, each student was assigned a horn related topic to research and then create a powerpoint presentation for class. The intention is to begin fostering an interest in research and an ability to present the results in an engaging manner. In order to make the results of this research more public, I will be replacing powerpoint with Adobe Spark. The students will create simple websites to present their research to the class and links to these websites will be uploaded to the Horn Studio website.