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Explore New Learning Spaces

Flex Classroom (South College W245)

In Spring 2017 South College W245 opened as part of the renovation of South College. This team-based learning space includes flexible classroom seating, movable whiteboards, and stadium and side projection areas. The classroom seats 110. If you are interested in using this space for a course, contact the Office of the University Registrar, Course and Classroom Management at rscheduling@registrar.umass.edu.

The Experimental Classroom (W.E.B. Du Bois Library 720)

The new Experimental Classroom, created in collaboration with Herman Miller, the Institute for Teaching Excellence and Faculty Development, and Instructional Innovation opened in May 2016.

A key feature of this room, designed for a smaller class of 30 or fewer, is the specialized furniture donated through Herman Miller as part of this collaboration. Three levels of table and chair configurations replicate tiered seating, with the lowest level being soft seating. All chairs and tables are movable. The room features a projector and 7 large movable monitors, and a lecture-capture system (Echo360) has also been installed in the room. The room includes an iPad cart with iPads for student use.

This collaboration transforms Library 720, which had historically been used as open computer lab space, into an experimental flex classroom which could be used to conduct grant-supported research on the impact of these tools and infrastructure on students and faculty. If you are interested in using this space for a course, contact Computer Classrooms at classres@umass.edu or visit Computer Classrooms: Information for Instructors.