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Martha Fuentes-Bautista

Senior Lecturer, Communication and Public Policy

Summer 2018 Innovation Fellow

I hold a joint appointment in the Department of Communication and the School of Public Policy, where I also serve as Director of Engaged Research and Learning projects. My research focuses on digital inequalities, telecommunication policy, and the role of advocacy networks, media activism, and media reform movements in shaping more democratic media institutions in the U.S. and Latin America. My work also promotes engaged scholarship that builds capacities and enables dialogue between scholars, user communities, practitioners, and policy-makers to create inclusive solutions to communicative disparities and complex forms of media harm in the digital environment such as voicelessness and digital inequalities, algorithmic injustice, and misinformation.

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

I teach undergraduate and graduate courses on media industries, media and public policy, internet governance, and technology and social inequalities. Through my teaching, I advance digital policy literacy that emphasizes critical understanding of media governance and the policy processes, the political economy of media, and politics of technological infrastructures, empowering students to be informed consumers, active citizens, and innovative scholars and creators of media.

For the symposium, I’m looking for new pedagogical methods and tools to increase student engagement and small group work in “COMM 122: Media Industries & Institutions”, a class that enrolls up to 300 students every semester. This intro-level course renders visible the economic, political and power dynamics that shape the U.S. media system and information we consume in our society. The challenge is to transform students of a large lecture class in critical and active learners, with enhanced abilities to work in groups and interact with the instructor and among themselves.