Sara Jones

Assistant Professor, Music Education

June 2016 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

Sara Jones is interested in fostering peer collaboration in her teacher education courses by implementing team-based learning (TBL). As Sara integrates this learning strategy her students will use mobile devices in the classroom to access a variety of collaborative tools (Perusall, CATME, Google Apps). Students will also use mobile devices to create social graphics (ShowMe, Piktochart, Adobe Spark, Thinglink) to share information between groups and demonstrate what they have learned.

In January 2017 Sara Jones and Lisa Lehmberg will be facilitating a professional development for Springfield Public School music teachers. Teachers will follow along as we explore exciting, user-friendly apps to energize teaching and learning in music education. While these apps are not music-centric per se, they can enhance student learning and increase participation both inside and outside of school. Participants will be introduced to multiple apps and will be guided through basic usage of each. Lisa and Sara will also provide a list of other education-related apps for participants to explore on their own.

News! Lisa Lehmberg and Sara Jones are going to present a clinic at the Massachusetts Music Educators Association Conference titled, “Innovative Technologies that Increase Student Engagement.” The session targets practicing music teachers from across the state and focuses on ways to enhance student learning and increase participation.