Steve Acquah

Associate Professor (Adjunct), Chemistry

Summer 2018 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

While directing the fullerene science research group of the 1996 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, Sir Harold Kroto, we established the Global Educational Outreach for Science Engineering & Technology (GEOSET) initiative that provided innovative tools such as Leap Motion controllers, professional audio/video equipment and molecular kits. Students and faculty used the resources to support university projects and engage in community outreach. I designed and supervised the construction of an instructional technology studio (GEOSET Studios) inviting Bill Nye to officially open the facility in 2014 at my former institution.

Technology has always been a central theme in my work, providing new ways to use lecture capture recorders to enhance the development and production of short learning objects. This symposium will provide a key insight into the trends and best practices for integrating 3D Printing and Virtual Reality into a modern university curriculum, increasing student success.

I plan to implement the tools I will learn at the Innovate@Symposium to both support my course development and chemistry research activities in the College of Natural Sciences, while enhancing the support for faculty and students in my position at the Digital Media Lab.

More information on my projects can be found at: