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Stephen Forrest

Steve Forrest

Senior Lecturer, Languages, Literatures, & Cultures

Winter 2018 Innovation Fellow

Fellowship Project & Instructional Interests

In my two decades at UMass I have taught a variety of courses on Japanese language and literature, both contemporary and premodern/classical, but recently I have made it my mission to get students reading pictorial fiction of the Edo period (1600~1868) — the world of ukiyo-e in books. The script portions of these works present considerable hurdles, especially for undergraduates, but the techniques and styles of the visual elements seem to be relatively easy to relate to for most students. My current goal is to take advantage of this connection and increase my students’ abilities to engage academically with the visual culture of premodern Japan.

Specifically I am looking for tools and techniques that will allow students to develop databases of images on the model of a research bibliography, and to build on these “imageographies” to present their work in a variety of formats (online and in the classroom). I have some tools in mind (Tropy, Omeka, & Mirador) but would like to learn about other options and ideas for approaching this kind of project both as a pedagogical and a research tool. I also use a range of methods for collaborative text editing in these courses, and I hope to learn more about other approaches to this during the Innovate@ symposium.