Teaching Anthropology of/Through Games

Games5In September 2015 UMass Amherst Professor Krista Harper (Department of Anthropology) wrote a two-part post about her experiences teaching a Fall 2014 Commonwealth Honors College course, “Anthropology of/through Games,” and on game-based pedagogy in theory and practice. “Teaching cultural anthropology of and through games was a transformative experience for me as a social scientist and educator. Before teaching the class, I worried that our focus on games might descend into “edutainment.” Instead, analyzing, playing, and designing games opened up creative ways to do what anthropologists do: to unpack theories, to try on other people’s perspectives, and to understand both stated norms and improvised, embodied practice.”
Part 1 (In this post, Professor Harper offers her insights into her Fall 2014 course, “Anthropology of/through Games.”)
Part 2 (In this post, she takes a closer look at game-based pedagogy in theory and practice.)

You can read more about this work on her blog. Follow Professor Harper on Twitter!

If you are interested in using games or game-based pedagogy in your teaching, contact Sam Anderson.

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